Nebraska Security License

Nebraska Security License

You are not obliged to hold a security license to be a guard in Nebraska. However, there are certain laws and regulations you should follow to be an authorized worker. So, let’s explore the requirements and discuss them in detail.

Nebraska Security Licensing Rules

There are no strict commands for applicants who want to start their career in this sphere. They just need to learn these basic conditions:

  • Be eighteen or older
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Submit fingerprints
  • Pass weapon studies if required
  • Not have been convicted of felony or misdemeanor crimes
  • Be in good health both physically and mentally
  • No addiction to drugs
  • Have a diploma or expertise in the relevant field (in some cases)

The specification mainly applies to officers, who carry firearms. However, candidates asking for a higher position may also need to maintain the above-mentioned preconditions.

Concealed Firearm Permit (CHP)

If your employment responsibilities require holding a weapon, you should fill out the Application provided by the NE State Patrol. You must possess the below-mentioned materials. In addition, meet these criteria so that your request is complete.

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a USA citizenship or permanent residency passport or ID
  • Criminal history clearance
  • Possession of Nebraska driver’s license
  • Not addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Be a physically and mentally healthy individual
  • Have no vision difficulties
  • Show the certification of training

Once you collect these docs, you shall be eligible to begin your application process. In the next paragraph, we will talk about it thoroughly.

How to apply?

You should submit all the obligatory papers to one of the established locations of the NSP. Make sure to include these documents:

  • Notarized form
  • A copy or your original certificate of practice proving you finished the courses
  • Proof of eyesight screening. It should be indicated through your motor vehicle papers. A statement from an approved ophthalmologist is also acceptable.
  • A valid ID or the US-issued Resident Card
  • A passport-style photograph
  • Results of background check
  • Payment of registration fees ($100)

As soon as you forward the documentation, allow 45 days for processing and issuance. Once the authority issues permission, it is valid for 5 yr.


In general, permits expire every five years. Note that you may renew it 4 months before the expiration date. But you do not have to do courses again provided that the renewal is on time. Otherwise, you have to retake them and pay $100. You can refresh your registration online or in person. The online charge is $54.50.

Training Qualifications

As shown earlier, you should accomplish practices concerning these subjects:

  • Role of the position
  • Legal features
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Communicative skills with public

In particular, companies have their own programs. Hence, you should fulfill them to get the job. They can also take into account your prior expertise in the related area of work. If you have been involved in military services, and/or have a strong educational background, your chances of getting your dream job will be higher.

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