Nebraska Driver License

Nebraska Driver License

To be able to drive any motor vehicle legally, you need to get a Nebraska driver’s license. As the state law may be unfamiliar to you, you’ll become confused. However, you no longer have to worry as we will give you all the needed information.

How can I get a Nebraska driver license?

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the issuing authority of driver licenses in NE.

Firstly, know why you need to get a Nebraska driver’s license. Currently, these are the common reasons why you must have it:

  1. If you are a Nebraska resident and want to drive on the streets and highways of the state.
  2. In case you are a new habitant in Nebraska and already own a license from another state. You should get the Nebraska driver’s license within 30 days.

Paperwork Requirements

When applying for your Nebraska driver’s license you must present these documents:

  • Residency and citizenship proof; it must have your personal data (name, birth date, identity)
  • Current dwelling place in Nebraska (the address)
  • The Social Security Number (SSN)

Age Requirements

At different ages, drivers get different privileges. The minimum age for getting a Nebraska full driver’s license is 17. To get the full one drivers should pass some levels of driving practice.

Permits are given beginning from the age of 14 (school learner’s permit). At the age of 15 you can get a regular learner’s permit. If you are 16 you can get a provision driver’s permit.

How much is the fee for getting a Nebraska driver license?

In fact, the costs vary from county to county, but there isn’t so much difference. You’ll notice the difference when learning about the types of licenses. To clarify, the fees may vary according to how long your driver’s license can stay valid.

The latest estimates show that the fee may be from $5 to $25. The cheapest ($5) is the license which is valid for only a year. Then it is the license with two years of validity costing $10. You can have it valid for three years ($15). Finally, it may be valid for four years ($20) and for five years ($25).

Besides the license fee, you’ll also have to pay some fees for application, processing, tests and so on. However, you should always check the costs at the local license office. The fees can change very often.

How does a Nebraska driver license pointing system work?

The drivers who regularly break the state’s traffic law are getting Nebraska driver’s license points. There are also some limits according to which drivers get fines.

If you get 12 points during 2 years the state will take your driver’s license for 6 months. Moreover, if you break the law twice and get any points within five years, you won’t get your license back for 3 years.

All together you’ll receive up to 4 points for extra speeding; 6 points for rash driving; 2 points for not yielding to the passer-by; 6 points for DUI and 4 points for incautious driving.

As a whole, by breaking the law frequently one day you’ll lose your driver’s license forever. So, you should be very attentive. One day the simplest fine ticket will become a huge problem.

How long is a Nebraska driver license good for?

According to state law, a Nebraska driver’s license is valid for 5 years. The expiration date of the licenses ends on the owner’s birthday.
Exceptions may be the licenses that people receive before turning 21. In that case, the license will expire on their 21st birthday.

How to renew a Nebraska driver license

You can do the Nebraska driver’s license renewal both in-person and online. Here is how the process is done:

Renewing Nebraska driver license in person

The first step you should take is to find the nearest DMV office. Its location doesn’t matter. It can either be in your or in another county. Each county has at least one of those offices.

The next step is to make an appointment at the DMV office. As the working hours may vary, you had better check when they are operating beforehand. In-person appointment is better to do in larger cities, where the working hours are more flexible.

Document Requirements

If you have decided to do the renewal in person, you should take this paperwork with you:

  1. The completed form of the renewal application. You’ll receive this paper via mail 30 days before the expiration of your license.
  2. Current Nebraska driver’s license or ID card. Make sure your name and birth date are on it.
  3.  Two paper proofs of your current residency place.

Nebraska driver’s license online renewal

If you ask nowadays drivers, they will definitely say that this option is the most convenient way to do a renewal. In Nebraska, the online renewal system has also become popular among most drivers.

In fact, there may be cases when you’ll have to do it in person; For instance, when you have to update your physical description, due to some appearance changes. However, you can easily make it online through the Nebraska DMV online license renewal page.

You need to take the following steps:

  1. Provide your current phone number and the address of your email
  2. Have any accounts or credit cards (VISA, Discover or Master card)
  3. Present a document record of your address
  4. Be able to download the online application form

All together you’ll get your Nebraska driver’s license within 20 days via mail. So, take into account the expiration date before renewing it online. This way may not be the appropriate one in such situations.

Out-of-state renewal

The state law gives drivers the opportunity to make renewal even if it may seem impossible. It sometimes happens that the license owners travel or have some business deals out of state. Unfortunately, when the renewal day comes they aren’t able to be present.

That’s why Nebraska offers its license owners to do the renewal beforehand. You can do it via mail up to 90 days before the license expires. You’ll need to provide some paperwork and also do a vision test. To know more details you can visit your local DMV office.

Renewal fees

For any changes, you make to your driver’s license you have to pay about $3. Actually, that is the processing fee and it also includes the renewal fee.

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