Nebraska Plumbing License

Nebraska Plumbing License

If you are reading this article, you are probably pursuing a plumber’s career in Nebraska. We don’t really want to disappoint you; this is why the article embraces all the important points to help you understand all the ins and outs of acquiring a Nebraska plumbing license.


To start with, in the state there are no specific governmental regulations on obtaining the permit. In fact, every city has its own regulations and conditions to follow. However, the licensure requirements in different cities, such as Omaha are very similar to one another.

Firstly, the residents who mean to be licensed, have a number of steps to follow:

  • Covering an educational program (at least 4 years)
  • Over 300 hours for plumbing constructions
  • Apprenticeship (about 4 years)
  • Examination


The journeyman exam is one of the compulsory points to be met. It consists of both theory and practical parts. You are allowed to take it only after the submission of the application form and cover all the necessary payments.

Afterward, the special board is to approve your application. Only then you might be able to take the examination and will be notified about the dates.

To succeed it is obligatory to show knowledge on piping, systems of water supply, backflow prevention, etc.

Other requirements

Among these are generally the conditions below:

  • Residents above 18
  • High school diploma
  • Registration fee of $20
  • Registration refreshment annually


After getting almost 4-year experience as a journeyman, you can rise in your working path by acquiring a master plumbing permit. You will still need to take an examination. For succeeding, there are both practical and theoretical parts to meet.

Again, the testing normally covers different aspects of the field, starting from laws relevant to the sphere, to the practical ability to perform skillfully. There are also additional questions on draining, waste, and systems of ventilation.


As has already been mentioned, apprenticeship is very important in the career path. In fact, it is not difficult to find such a chance. The department of labor offers such opportunities on its official website. Also, when you take your special training, you might come across such offers all along.

The state offers two types of apprenticeship – online and offline, and it is up to the person to choose the option that is more suitable for him.


You need to refresh apprentice’s and journeyman’s permits annually, by December 31st.

After getting it, the plumbers have to provide proof every year and confirm that the applicant is continuing with his education.


Plumbers have become even more demanded lately. Especially specialists with proper experience and skills have really good offerings and job opportunities. Generally, apprentices get half of what masters earn.

The lowest salary starts from $39,000. The average payment for experienced specialists is about $54,000 annually. The city with the highest payment is Omaha. Norfolk is perhaps the lowest-paying one. The average salary there is about $48,000.

License transfer

Not all licenses transfer to other states. Anyway, Nebraska, together with others, such as Kansas and Missouri, do not require any. The only thing considered is, that the workers get jobs if they have prior experience working in a similar size city. Normally, the transfer fee starts from $40 to $500, depending on such criteria, as the types of the permit certificate.

What are the best schools to consider?

As in any other sphere, education is important, and it is of utmost importance to make the right choice of college.
Here are the best schools to attend:

  • Steamfitters and Plumbers Local Union
  • Northeast Community College
  • Southeast Community College
  • The Sweet Plumbers
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