Nebraska License Plate Lookup

Nebraska License Plate Lookup

The first license plate was officially issued in Nebraska in 1915. Before that in 1905 Nebraska law first required the vehicle owners to register them. At that time all the license plates were made of steel. But now, since 1947 people started to use aluminum for the same plates.

Using Nebraska License Plate Lookup

In case you want to get your vehicle’s history report you should access your inclusive database. Vehicle history report includes some details about the car such as

  • accident or damage records
  • warranty and manufacturer recall
  • vehicle description
  • safety rating
  • market value etc.

You can as well do a free VIN check. VIN (Vehicle Identification number) is a particular code which is assigned to a vehicle by the automaker. VIN is a 17 character number and it is considered to be the vehicle’s identity code. It includes vehicle’s model year, serial number, origin country etc. All the received information is valid and certain.

Types of Nebraska License Plates

Nebraska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues any kind of license plate you want. There are various types of plates which are available in Nebraska. Here they are:

  1. Personalized Plates: On the personalized plate your custom tag message may contain no more than 6-7 characters. Here one can only use numbers and letters and it must not match an existing license plate number. Note: It must not be abusive or disrespectful. You will probably need to pay some $40 fee for personalized license.
  2. Organizational Plates: This ones are for community-related organizations, such as universities. Anybody can have this kind of license despite group belonging. Organizational License Plate fee is $70 without the registration fee. Note: These licenses cannot be personalized.
  3. Military License Plates: These licenses are for military workers. These are the residents who are in armed forces including army, air force, corps etc. One must sign up for Veteran’s Registry for these plates. The fee is $5 for each year. Military license plate can be personalized at any time. This will cost you $40.
  4. The Gold Star Plates: This plate are accessible for direct family members (including sibling, the surviving spouse, child, stepparent. stepchild) of the US military member who died during military service. Ordering and renewal processes are free for those people. Later, if you would like to personalize it, you should pay $40.
  5. Vintage License Plates: This genuine license plates are used for those vehicles which are manufactured at least 30 years ago, have preserved their original appearance and are used for the purposes such as an exhibition or a hobby. Besides they must be issued the year the vehicle manufactured. You can purchase this license with $89 fee. In addition to this, vintage licenses do not expire.

Nebraska DMV may refuse specific license plates, for more information check out our banned Nebraska license plates page.

Some Other Options of Nebraska License Plate

Although Nebraska has standard plates that everybody can use anyways they also have different types of specialty plates that include many categories such as:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness.
  • Huskers.
  • Sesquicentennial.
  • Mountain Lion Conservation.
  • Ex-Prisoner of War.
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor.
  • Purple Heart.
  • Native American.
  • Special Interest.
  • Amateur Radio.
  • Choose Life.
  • Cattlemen Research & Education Foundation.
  • Planned Parenthood.
  • Serious Injury & Line-of-Duty Death Response Team.
  • Ducks Unlimited.
  • Henry Doorly Zoo.
  • Friends of the Union Pacific RR Museum.
  • Corn Growers Association.
  • Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.
  • The University of Nebraska-Omaha.
  • Sammy’s Superheroes License Plate.
  • Creighton University.
  • Sammy’s Superheroes License Plate.

All the necessary information about these plates you can find on DMV website.

In the same way Nebraska has license plates for boats, regained vehicles, disabled plates, etc.

Applying For Nebraska License Plate

One can issue Nebraska license plates at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Prior to driving your vehicle on the roads and highways you must apply for a license plate. The first step is registering your vehicle. Right after purchasing a vehicle you will have 30 days to register it. Registration may be done either in person or by mail with your county treasurer’s office. You should present the following documentation in order to get registration:

  • Car insurance verification
  • Certificate of sales and title
  • Certificate of extract tax payment

You should as well pay the required fees according to your county. Subsequently the county treasurer’s office will issue your new license with a brand new sticker. This sticker on a license plate is showing the vehicle’s validity.

If you are new to Nebraska you must first establish your residency and only after 30 days you can register your vehicle. In case you have already titled and registered your car in another state you must show the proof of car insurance, the lien information and do not forget to get a vehicle inspection. Afterwards you can easily register the vehicle at your county treasurer’s office.

In case you decide to register out of the state you must obtain a visual inspection by the state’s sheriff’s office before registering them in Nebraska. You should visit your county Treasurer’s office to get information about the hours and location for inspections. After you must present your vehicle’s title or the copy of it on file. Make sure to pay $10 inspection fee.

Note: Inspections are valid for 90 days. After that you must re-inspect your them in case you have not already got registration.

Getting a Nebraska License Plate

To obtain a Nebraska License Plate you must present the following documentation:

  • The completed form of application
  • Current Certificate of Title
  • Proof of Valid Insurance
  • Payment for Applicable Fees

All the documents must be in an original form. If you have any problems regarding this paperwork, contact your Motor Vehicle Office. You will get two license plates. One is for the front and the other one for the rear of the vehicle.

Nebraska License Plate Fee

Motor vehicle taxes and fees are mainly based on the weight and price of the vehicle. Nebraska’s tax estimator can help you estimates the fees. For more detailed information about taxes you may look up on Motor Vehicle Tax Calculation Table.

First of all you should pay for vehicle registration. The fee is $15.00. Therefore you must pay for a new license plate which is approximately $3,30. This is included in your total registration cost. You will probably have some additional fees including:

  • State Recreation Fund fee ($1.50) – for Health and Human services
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund fee ($2.00)
  • Emergency Medical System Operation Fund fee ($0.50)
  • Your County’s General Fund Fee ($1.50) – $4.50 for non-residents

In addition, there is as well an alternative fuel fee. This one is for all the vehicles that are powered by any source of energy. The fee is $75,00.

Nebraska License Plate Renewal

You will need to renew your license plate prior to the time when your license plate sticker expires. Although the renewal date may differ in counties you will probably get a notice for your vehicle’s registration renewal by mail right before the registration expiration date. You should provide the following specific requirements for vehicle registration renewal listed below:

  • Proof of Identity and Residency (full name, date of birth, address)
  • Fees (in required payment form)
  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Basically, you can renew your license plate in person, by mail or online. If you apply to get renewal in person you should present all these documents to your county treasurer’s office. New registration documentation should be approved by DMV. Make sure all the information you provide is correct and up-to-date. Online registration process is the easiest method of vehicle’s license plate renewal. In the same way you should pay:

  • $15 – Registration fee
  • $0.50 – Emergency Medical System Operation Fund
  • $2 – Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund
  • $1.50 – State Recreation Road Fun
  • $1.50 – County General Fund

Additional Information

Generally, if you damage or lose your registration sticker or tag, you have to replace your license plate certificate. While replacing, you will be asked to present your car’s current registration card, credentials of photo and car insurance and VIN. Make sure you have paid all the acceptable fees beforehand.

When you buy a new car you can even transfer old license plates to brand new ones. But this time you must register your vehicle by your or your partner’s name. While transferring your license plate, you must signify that you already transfer the old ones which you gained while registering your vehicle. You must also complete an application form for refund in a period of 60 days of selling your former car, in order to obtain credits for the parts of your registration fees and taxes which are not used.

For more information you can apply…

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 94789
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4726

Working Hours:
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

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