Nebraska Contractor License Classifications

Nebraska Contractor License Classifications

Do you want to work as a contractor in Nebraska? Then, you are at the right place! We collected here all the necessary things you need to know about the NE contractor classifications, licenses, and, why not, benefits you will have.

Let’s start our contractor’s journey from the beginning.

Who is classified as a contractor?

Do you think if you are considered a contractor or not? Because this is the first thing you should understand before starting your contractor license lookup.

To be considered as a contractor you should:

  1. Have a business that is connected with the construction.
  2. It also includes all contractors whose work is somehow related to real estate.

Do you need a license to operate as a contractor?

If you want to be a contractor in NE you should have a license.

Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL) registers the contractors operating in NE. But there are exceptions as well.

  1. You don’t need a license to operate in a not densely populated county. The population of the county shouldn’t be more than 100.000.
  2. License isn’t a must also for doing minor repairs. Particularly, it refers to the handymen. Also, the annual income shouldn’t exit $5000.

There’s one thing that may make the licensing process a bit different. But there’s no need to worry if you are aware of the law.

Licensing process is not the same throughout the whole NE. It may completely differ from county to county. Moreover, the differences may apply even to fees.

Thus, you might, perhaps, need multiple licenses to operate in different counties.

What are the benefits of a contractor’s license?

First, you will escape the fine. NE put a legal $500 fine for contractors who have no license. Besides, you will pay additional fines based on county.

But escaping the fine is not the only benefit. There are many other good license sides.

  1. You will be a trustworthy specialist. Who trusts an important project to an unqualified specialist? Of course, no one.
  2. The projects you work on will be bigger. The license will help to expand your working niece. Thus, raising your income. Besides, your data will be available in the NE contractor database.
  3. You will also ensure other’s safety. Getting the license will prove that you are eligible for the work. It will help you to be more confident in your work.
  4. The license will ensure your safety too. There may be cases when the employer is not fair. He/she may refuse to pay. Thus, there will be a need to sue the employer. For opening the case, the license is not important. But, of course, you will have more chances to win the case with the license.

NE General Contractor License

A general contractor is just like a manager. But in this case, the manager of the construction. The specialist is responsible for almost everything connected with the construction.

NE made the general contractor licensing process rather easy. Unlike Missouri, there are no exams for a general contractor in NE.

This is a two-edged sword. From one point, it is easier to get a license without a qualifying license. It helps more people to have a job. From another point, it contains risks. For example, a non-professional specialist may get a license. Anyway, that’s the NE law and we should follow it.

The process of obtaining a general contractor’s license

Now let’s take a look at the general contractor license process.

The fee for a license is $40. It is important to mention that you should renew your license each year. Each year you should pay the same fee.

NDOL has a Contractor online registration portal. There, you can apply online for the contractor’s license.

There is some information you should provide.

  1. You should provide some personal information. For example, your name and surname.
  2. There should be also details about the business. For instance, the name of the business, address, number, mail, and so on.
  3. You should also have business insurance.
  4. The application should also include info about the services you will provide.
  5. The work providers’ information is also necessary.
  6. You should also provide the responsibilities of your employee. It is related to the titling of the jobs.

However, you should take into account one important fact. An only state license isn’t enough to operate everywhere. You still need the license from the county you are operating.

You may use the same online portal for a county license. Besides, you should provide some additional details. For example, the name of the county and address you are going to work. Also, the project duration. If you have any subcontractors you should mention them.

NE Electrical Contractor License

Do you want to become an electrician in NE? Then, you need to have a license. You should also take the exam.   Otherwise, you will face some strict punishments. You will have to spend 1 year in prison. Besides, you will pay 1 thousand dollars.

NE Electrical Division is responsible for the licenses. You should apply to complete the Electrical License Application form.

The division is also responsible for renewing contractor licenses. Generally, it sends renewal notices on October 18.

Your electrical license is valid till the last day of the even year. Hence, you should renew the license before the due date.

To continue work as an electrician you should:

  1. You should participate in a half-day educational program. The electrical board is responsible for the program.
  2. Minimum half of the time should be dedicated to National Electrical Code.

Note: The educational program is not a must for apprentice electricians.

Nebraska has a special agreement with South Dakota and Minnesota. It allows electrical contractors from there to operate in NE.

Journeyman Electrician

You should have a minimum of 4 years of relevant experience in your field. The electrical division should confirm the journeyman experience. Otherwise, you will get a restricted license. Thus, you will not be able to work also in South Dakota and Minnesota.

The fee to apply is $60.

The license itself will cost either $25 or $50. It will be based on years with even and odd numbers.

Residential Electrician

In this case, the specialist should have a minimum of 3 years of experience. It also should be confirmed by the division. The license is for only doing installations that are residential.

The fee for the application is the same as for the journeyman. Also, the same fee for the license.

Apprentice Electrician

An Apprentice electrician license gives no independence. As long as the electrician should be under supervision. Besides, the license is not for doing any kind of job. There are some restrictions as well. For example, you can’t install any electrical tools.

The fee for the license is $20 or $40. Again, based on the years.

Electrical Contractor

The electrical contractor must have a degree. It can be from both college and university. The 4-year electrician course is a must.

It is also a must to have a minimum of 5-year experience. During that years the electrician should conduct various jobs. For instance, deal with electrical tools, light, and so on.

Besides, the contractor should be a journeyman prior. The 1 year is a must.

To apply you should pay $125.

The license will be $125 or $250. It is also based on the years.

NE Elevator Specialist Licenses

NE has 2 kinds of elevator specialist licenses. First, the license for the mechanics. Second, the license for the contractor.

Elevator Contractor

The elevator contractor should have a license. It gives the commissioner.

You should also provide some information.

  1. You should provide your personal data. For example, name, address, residency.
  2. There is also a need to provide that you have an experience.
  3. Having insurance is also a must.
  4. You should have a clear criminal history. Because NDOL will obtain the information. Of course, with your permission.

Elevator Mechanic

Do you want to repair or install elevators? You will need an elevator mechanic license. In this case, again the commissioner is responsible for the license.

You should provide all the data for the elevator contractor.

The only difference may be the application forms. Because the form chooses the commissioner.

NE Plumber Contractor License

NE isn’t responsible for plumbing contractor licenses. The duty lays on individual counties.

But there is one common thing. Almost all cities have an exam. This is a must to work as a plumber.

It is also a must to have relevant education. The duration of the education differs.

You can be an apprentice, journeyman, or master plumber.

NE HVAC Contractor License

NE is again not responsible for HVAC licenses. Each county has its own rules. It may even differ from city to city.

There are also no experience requirements. Thus, you can apply for a master HVAC contractor without experience. But in most cases, there is an exam. The exam criteria also vary from place to place.

However, there is a general requirement. It applies to all US states. There is an HVAC federal credential. It is a special certificate to ensure safety. Because there are cases when you deal with dangerous substances.

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