Nebraska Cannabis and Marijuana License

Nebraska Cannabis and Marijuana License

Many states in the U.S. have recently legalized the use of cannabis and marijuana. For example, any adult can apply for a Montana cannabis and marijuana license, grow and sell weed. However, in Nebraska, the use of marijuana has been banned even since 1927. The state does not allow the use of medical cannabis and marijuana, as well. In Nebraska, there is no cannabis and marijuana license.

While in other states every adult can use up to one ounce of cannabis every month, In Nebraska it can result in penalties. People, who have up to one ounce of cannabis, will need to pay a fine of $300. The amount rises along with the weed amount. Those, who have faced penalties, will need to officially attend substance abuse educational courses.

When the police convict a person for a use of marijuana, he/she must pay $400 and even stay 5 days in jail. If someone possesses larger amounts, he/she is treated more severely. In case a person has about a pound of marijuana, he may stay up to three months in jail and pay a $500 penalty.

Medical Cannabis and Marijuana Business License

As we have already mentioned, medical cannabis as well is illegal in Nebraska. However, some kinds of illnesses require the use of weed during the treatment process. Medical cannabis, in short, is a must for some people to at least relieve pain. That is why people in Nebraska have recently started an initiative to make medical use of cannabis and marijuana legalization. The initiative’s main idea is that companies and individuals can apply for a state license and get permission. Thus, they would have the opportunity to cultivate, sell, and grow cannabis and marijuana on their territory.

Earlier in 2021, the government has discussed a new law program (LB 474). That was meant for medical cannabis use in Nebraska. But no matter how much the public wanted, the government has not accepted the law.

Nebraska Cannabis and Marijuana license/Current laws

As we have already mentioned, the use of both recreational and medical cannabis is not legal in Nebraska. Even if a person owns no more than one ounce of cannabis, he/she may need to pay a fine. Generally, the fine is $300. In some cases, the court can make a caught person pass a special educational course on substance abuse.

If someone is caught using cannabis and marijuana for the second time, the fine amount will be higher, about $500. But, if the third time happens, the person will be sent to jail for seven days. There will also be a penalty of $500.

At this point, no one can plant and grow cannabis in Nebraska. Even personal use and cultivation are illegal. If you ever have cultivated cannabis, you may face a penalty. The amount differs and it is mainly connected with the amount of cannabis found.

The illegal use of marijuana concerns medical cannabis, as well. The law of making the use of cannabis and marijuana illegal has been adopted since 2927. It states that an adult, who owns even up to one ounce of cannabis, will need to pay a fine of $300. If the person owns any amount of cannabis and marijuana, then it is considered an infraction. Besides the penalty, an adult will also need to attend governmental educational courses on substance abuse.

However, if the person owns larger amounts of cannabis and marijuana, he/she may face bigger penalties and even appear in jail.

The history of Nebraska Cannabis and Marijuana law adoption

All this started in the 1900s when the use of cannabis and marijuana became out of control. Nebraska, as two other states of the U.S., decided to ban the use of cannabis and marijuana at a state level. In 2014, the state authorities allowed only to cultivate hemp. However, it must contain 0.3%THC.

Later in 2019, state authorities have signed a law LB 1001 that allowed people to grow and sell hemp for commercial purposes. However, the products must be made of hemp cannabidiol. The products must pass the testing requirements of the Agriculture Department of Nebraska.

However, the CBD made out of marijuana is illegal in Nebraska. In addition, federal law also considers marijuana-derived CBD to be illegal. The only case when it can be legal is when it meets the requirements of Nebraska’s Food and Drug Administration.

Nebraska residents, however, do not agree with this law. That is why they all gathered together to make some changes. So, about 180,000 residents have signed a document to make this question appear on the ballot. The state authorities, as one may see, do not want to make any changes. The Supreme Court also removed the measure.

Now, the residents have started a new initiative for the elections of 2022. The state does not even offer a Nebraska cannabis and marijuana license for its residents.

The marijuana legalization in Nebraska. When will it become legal?

As mentioned above, Nebraska residents should sign a petition. That will enable them to vote on the ballot for marijuana and cannabis legalization.

Generally, residents fight for the use of medical marijuana and cannabis. In fact, many illnesses require the use of weed during the treatment process. For now, the authorities have refused to discuss the matter and legalize cannabis in 2020. Residents, however, have signed a new petition for 2022.

Can I get cannabis and marijuana in Nebraska?

No. It is illegal to use and own cannabis and marijuana in Nebraska. For now, the state has banned the use of both medical and recreational cannabis. However, you can get cannabis and marijuana in Colorado. But you cannot transport it to Nebraska. Whenever you own and use cannabis and marijuana in Nebraska, you will need to pay a fine of about $300.

If my family members or I have an incurable disease, can we get a medical card?

No. The state has banned the use of medical cannabis and marijuana. For now, residents try to make changes in law, but it remains illegal.

Can I use dabs in Nebraska?

No. No matter what type of marijuana you are going to use, you will have to pay a fine. The use of concentrates and resin is illegal in Nebraska, as well. However, there are some cases you can use dabs. It is better to use the attorney service.

Drug nails, dab rig accessories, etc. are drug paraphernalia according to state law. So, if someone owns them, it is more likely they will get a penalty. Generally, if it is the first time, a person gets no more than a fine of $100. The second and third times are higher.

Sometimes, you may even appear in jail if you own and use larger amounts of cannabis and marijuana.

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